Don’t let the name fool you – while the stories may be about failure, the event is really about courage, determination, and the strength to get back up. Share your story to inspire others.
By sharing your personal story of failure, you join Failure:Lab’s global mission to eliminate the fear, stigma, and isolation around failure — which in turn, helps remove roadblocks to communication, innovation, and community.



Failure:Lab has featured: Artists, writers, rappers, actors, CEO’s, musicians, entrepreneurs, designers, and professional athletes from around the world. You’ve been invited because you’re a progressive innovator who has faced adversity and bounced back. By taking our stage the story you’re really sharing is: I am resilient.



Failure:Lab is a minimally produced, dimly lit, story showcase. There aren’t big introductions, MC’s, or panel discussions. Each event blends individual stories with musical performances, and crowdsourced lessons. 

Our biggest differentiator, and what makes Failure:Lab so special is that storytellers don’t share lessons, or morals, or what they’re doing now. They cannot justify or blame-shift, they must own and confess a failure. The best part about not telling people what to think is that you actually get to hear what they’re thinking. 

After your story the audience will have a quiet moment to Tweet or write their thoughts. These crowdsourced lessons are then published online and become part of a growing conversation that’s pushing back on the stigma around failure.



Each storyteller has ten minutes to share a personal story. Take some time to reflect on your life and ask yourself these questions: What do you view as your biggest failure? What was one of the toughest times in your life? Was there a struggle that became a major turning point in your life? What did you do wrong? What were the consequences? How did it feel? What was the worst thing you said to yourself?

In many ways a Failure:Lab story is counterintuitive to how we share. Instead of building up to the accomplishment, you’re building up to rock bottom. You’ll want to identify a specific situation or time you felt that you were failing — starting with the expectations, and ending with the emotions. 

It is always best to write your thoughts down when crafting your story. Write an outline that covers: the initial context and expectations / the main events / what you did wrong / the consequences for you and others / the feelings and emotions you went through / the rock bottom.



We humbly challenge you to really dig into the raw emotions, messy details, and hidden feelings. Be bold, be vulnerable, be authentic, be yourself. 

There aren’t formal introductions, step on stage and dive into your story. Failure:Lab doesn’t use podiums or power point presentations, you’re welcome to have notes if you need. There is no dress code, feel free to wear whatever you’re comfortable in. 

Some things to stay away from: Keep it succinct and to a specific failure, try not to tell your life story. Keep it to ten minutes. Don’t mention Failure:Lab or the format. Don’t share lessons or blame someone else. Don’t talk about your success now. Don’t sell from the stage.



You can view the crowdsourced lessons after your talk by searching Twitter for #FailureLab. Your story will be filmed and posted on our website / YouTube channel. Your story may also air on our NPR radio show. Many stories are picked up in the media and circulated. The videos are also used in classrooms, corporate trainings, and even in prisons.



We live in a wild new world of exponential change. Everything from business to communication to community is being turned upside down — we’re constantly being forced to try new things, which means we’re inevitably going to fail more. So now more than ever, our peers, our coworkers, and our families need to get more comfortable with failure.

We want to sincerely thank you for diving into this unique adventure with us. We’re honored to showcase your story, and excited to inspire others with your thoughts. Cheers to crushing fears!