Be, do, persevere
Fear shouldn’t stop you from being great. Stop, breath, and go for it
It’s OK to ask for help, it’s OK to say enough
You don’t really know how many people are struggling in secret
It’s hard when you feel like your failure is causing others to fail
I’m not alone
Risk, you need to step out of your comfort zone, be brave
People fail everyday, some big some small, don’t stop sharing
Today was the last day of my job, it made me feel the same but for different reasons. When the time and situation are right your strength will come

Isolation and an unfamiliar setting can draw out a different person
When you survive something you’re sure you won’t, there is always a form of rebirth that begets new possibilities that could only emerge under duress

Caffeine dreams, so I’m not the only one
What glitters decidedly isn’t gold. Life is hard, as hard as our decisions
The grass is not always greener, there’s no place like home
Always speak the truth
You’re making it better right now
Art is hard
Getting sober is sobering. Be the art inside you. Be the art you are. Be ready
Just tell it like it is. Wish I could stand on that stage and lay it out
It takes failure to find your path
Detroit has a lot to give
Redemption is never too late
You won’t always know that you were successful
Forgive yourself, let go
Shit, I’m her
Be there, be present, you’re important
Good to hear about someone else who has a failed marriage
In failure you can find your strengths
I’d like to have a beer with that guy
Remember who you are
It’s easy to fall from a high place
Life is getting better everyday but you have to help it along
The worst things we think about ourselves are not often very accurate
That damn plateau that looks like a couch
Failure should be expected, comfort should be feared
For every Steve Jobs, there are 1 million Charlie’s
Fail often, dreams come following the storm
Dang, was he talking about him or me? Shit!
Failure is a step not the destination
Create everyday
Sometimes it’s OK to be just OK
Within you lies the power
Keep getting up, even if you’re not sure where to go
Don’t settle, keep moving forward
Don’t stop at success
I think tragedy is right around the corner
Velvet handcuffs
Don’t accept being comfortable when there is always so much more, push the envelope

Failure is a step, not the destination
Comfort can be dangerous, taking the first step can lead to something beautiful

Is it failure or comfort or complacency?
Don’t let other people make decisions for you
I can totally relate
Don’t get comfortable
Don’t settle for just being comfortable, success lies just outside of it
As a young professional I struggle everyday with when to push and if I push too hard

I’m about to start pushing
Fighting is what’s needed to win
It’s good to be uncomfortable
Will you or someone else dictate your life?
What will it take to push me towards my dreams?
You can fail being comfortable
Keep moving
Don’t get too comfortable in any one place
Follow your passion
Comfort can mask failure
Don’t settle for complacency simply because of comfort or material things
The only thing that is constant is change
Know that you’re good enough to change your own outcome, don’t wait on others

Never give up when trying to succeed
When you do succeed, keep going
Live your vision, on your terms
There is danger in complacency
Change from stepping outside your comfort zone sounds better than an outside influence

Life takes you where you need to be, enjoy the ride
You need to make the change you want
Don’t let enough be enough
You have no idea who you look up to
One can become comfortable with things they don’t desire
Comfort can stand as failure
Trust yourself enough to find success in new opportunities, don’t plateau
How much is enough?
Failure isn’t always caused by action, it can be doing nothing at all
We must draw a fine line between comfort and complacency and fire and freedom

Make the move, now!
Fear and complacency are equally paralyzing. Constraints can create innovation

Don’t get cozy, challenge yourself
Plateaus are not to be mistaken as couches
Should have kept your apple stock
Motivate yourself, don’t wait
A good man gets back up, again
To feel successful you need to take the initiative on your own
People remain in their comfort levels and forget to see the world, it is endless how do we push

Sometimes doing enough isn’t enough
Things won’t always go your way
Plan 1.5 cycles out
Take chances, especially on your dreams, what do you have to lose?
Complacency is as great a foe as typical failures
When you try something new, you will fail, it comes with the package, there’s no avoiding it

Complacency precedes failure
Follow heart, not couch
Life can motivate you through failure
Don’t work on the world’s watch if it will make you miserable
Comfort and complacency are counterintuitive to continual success
Complacency is the enemy of success
Never give up, obstacles are made to get over, not stop you
Stop waiting for someone else to build your direction
Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone or wait for something/someone to happen before you chase your dreams

Success plateaus happen all the time, try to minimize their duration
Success is not measured by comfort, but by having accomplished your dreams to the point of completion

One must look in the mirror constantly to grow
Don’t wait for other’s to make a change, make it for yourself, even if its uncomfortable
Complacency is failure
Complacency kills
Continue to follow your dreams
Failure can become a habit
Comfort destroys, risk excites, faith wins
Be your own support
Don’t accept mediocrity
Complacency is the new fast food
The second step is harder than the first
Never buy into the doubts of others
Sometimes dreams can come with a pre-packaged kit, don’t open it!
Prove me wrong
We fall, but we get up
Keep it real
Funny and charming
Truly tragic
Failure can take the future off the table
Sometimes the real world hits you hard
What does it pay to be legendary anyway?
Speak up
Always be true to your inner self
Handle your business, don’t let others handle you
Don’t listen to your boss
Don’t let failure mask your voice, your voice matters most
Failure can be great fuel to keep going, proving naysayers wrong
Try it anyway
Never give up on your dreams
Never give up on your dreams and on something that brings you personal peace

Believe that you can and then you will
Keep trying, try harder
The music industry ain’t shit
Stand your ground, be your own artist
Believe and stand
Don’t let others define your path
Failure is inevitable and looks different to everyone
Follow your heart
The future is not as bleak as your walls make you think
Never believe those who say that you cannot
Hindsight is fun
Think things through
Go forward despite all circumstances
Hang tough, learn, go again
Keep your best interests at heart
Perseverance in the face of problems
Music is healing for the soul
Know your business
Use your voice
Speak up and find your voice when things are going wrong
Just because you wound up back where you started, doesn’t mean it was a total loss

Life is an adventure worth trying
Sometimes when it’s your time, it’s not your time
Don’t stay quiet use your voice
Don’t prove others wrong, prove yourself right
Don’t let other people smash your dreams or ride your failures
Having drive and determination may not prevent failure
failure has no voice
failing doesn’t mean you didn’t win
Persist. Fall down. Dust off. Persist.
Keep building
Failure in hindsight is a lesson learned
Setbacks happen
Only you can have your best interest in mind
Make your own art
Don’t listen to your boss about advice for your life
Be careful who you trust
Failure happens, it’s always a possibility, not an option
Do not accept average
Encourage yourself, time will heal all things
Live for yourself and chase your own dreams
Speak up, trust your intuition
From failure comes perseverance
Redemption is never impossible
Face life on life’s terms
Even your smartest decisions can’t make up for multiple bad ones
Don’t become impaired
Self Imposed
Failure -> Recovery
Celebrate sobriety of all types
Don’t be afraid to drink life instead of alcohol
Life is rebirth, over and over
I just wanted to feel how I felt they all were feeling
If you’re the watch person be on watch
Stay aware
Learn from your struggles, don’t get blinded by comforts
One day at a time
Addiction can destroy everything you’ve worked for
Sometimes failure is losing everything
Take control of your life
Acknowledge problems before they become too great
Never think you are better than the person standing next to you
Everyone runs into hardships
You cannot numb yourself into happy
Eyes wide shut, can’t serve two Gods
Parties of alcohol or fun isn’t worth risking it all
The pain we create reverberates to unimaginable heights
If you ignore your responsibilities they will be taken from you
My life story
Keep your eye on the prize, you lost control
Failure can be hitting rock bottom, it can be the best thing to turn things around

Vanity and vices are not excuses to fail
Love deeply, look inward for the truth
Get out of your own way
Being the watchman and not being on watch is wrong, take responsibility for your failures

Happy hour isn’t so happy
Don’t dig yourself into a hole so deep that you don’t recognize the world when you come out

What is the edge? Why do we want to venture towards it?
Your current life is the sum of all the decisions you’ve made, for better or worse

The wake of destruction of a life not lived well, catches up with you
Thing’s aren’t always what they seem, step out of the fog and open your eyes

Humiliation happens to even the highest person
You have to hit rock bottom first
Pay attention
Lessons are learned over time
Take the edge off of life
Staying in a state of awareness is vital for survival
Addiction, you truly lose everything
Keep living, regardless
Pretending problems don’t exist, doesn’t make them go away
Focus on what really matters in your life
Living a life of illusion leads us to stimulants to numb and remove truth

Don’t numb yourself and make sure you wear fabulous dresses
Stand up to your failures and take responsibility, then move on
There is always time for change, never overestimate yourself
Don’t lose sight of your responsibilities even when all seems well
Don’t drink alcohol and you will increase your possibilities for success
Escapism only provides the illusion of reality
We create illusions of our own success which only masks what we really are
Work hard and be ethical
Everyone needs someone else to hold them accountable
Failure leaves its mark on our insides, even when the outside looks fine
Watch out
Fun is expensive and joy is priceless
Failure can hide behind the appearance of success
Find fun with those you love and face life with a clear head
Failure is light
Failure can hide behind success
Unending opportunities to grow
Be humble and get humbled
Learn to say no
Help others
Failure is a result of our unknowing
Education does not equal entitlement
No one is beneath you
Take care of yourself and your health
No one owes you anything
Don’t quit your dreams
Follow your fears
Get plenty of sleep
Think about what you do, and why you do it
No job is beneath you
Why do you do what you do?
Don’t assume direct input equals direct output
Failure can happen even when you do everything you can
Having the ability to say no to opportunities is important to understand
Good grades and success don’t mean we’re entitled
Do what you want to do
Don’t only look at the ending, look at the steps in-between
Got me thinking about my motivation, and how I need more
Listen and learn
Don’t expect things to be handed to you
Think about how you can be valuable to others
You won’t just have one big failure, there is going to be many
Don’t lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing
Sometimes I forget why I started doing something in the first place
Don’t ignore your body
Failure can help you prioritize your life
Open your ears
Don’t take on more than you can handle
One failure, or one success doesn’t define you
Closed doors aren’t always a lost opportunity
You don’t need to know everything but you should try and have a direction
This hit home with me, my own thought process isn’t correct
Find how other people need you
Success and failure are like a heartbeat
Acknowledge your imperfections
Look out for potholes
It’s not about you
Know what should come first
Know your priorities
Do what you can’t live without
Trying to beat the rest, not trying for yourself
Keep a personal balance

It’s worth putting your heart on the line for someone you love, even with no reward

Real life is more complicated than it ever appears on the surface
Love is forever, being a blessing in someone’s life may only last a season
A true parent feels all the pain of their child
Having the strength to fight for those we love is the greatest success in the world

You can learn to love something that is not your own, but you can’t learn to unlove

Depression is loud and ugly, it always is
Guilt is heavy
Speak your love
The love of a child is something more powerful than anything
You are a STRONG woman
Failure can be very sad, with an open mind failure can be a great teacher
Very touching and truthful and universal
Take the little steps
When I know in my heart that I should take action, then I will unashamedly
Be brave
You can’t really ever let go of someone you love
Fighting doesn’t always win
Not all children are birthed from a mother’s womb but they are sometimes birthed in their heart

Connect with love and realize love, then you fight for love no matter who tells you different

He is worth fighting for
Love is transcendent, sometimes you have to fight for love
Relationships are an important part of a fulfilling life
Never stop fighting
Fight for rights
Women, be assertive
Love knows no boundaries
Fight for love
Dot my I’s cross my T’s
Plan for the worst, hope for the best
Take the precautions necessary to protect those you love and yourself

Don’t hope for something, make it happen
Go after it
Children get hurt in divorces
Don’t get attached to things that aren’t yours
A mother’s love is stronger than divorce
Recognize who you are in a person’s life
Just because you are not present doesn’t mean you are not present
Fight for what is yours
My heart aches for her
Can’t always expect others to think the way we do
I know someday he will know how much she loves him
Fight for the people that need you
Love is so much bigger than a few words, or a piece of paper
Take the extra step, you don’t know who or what depends on it
Plan for the worst to avoid the unimaginable
Emotion blind, you can’t predict everything
You have to fight for what you love or it will slip through your hands
Messy, deeply painful situations can be worth staying in long term
Not enough lines in this space, wow
You don’t have to give birth to be a mother
Many advisors will make the way sure
Act, fail to act either way… consequences
The blinders of love can take you to places you wouldn’t imagine
I like her story because she was very emotional and I saw her pain
Love does not follow boundaries or norms
When love fails it’s a failure to push limits
Do the hard thing, make the tough decisions, tell the truth
Despite the technicalities, you have to work through it especially if you’ve earned the right to what’s at stake

Love is not above the law
A love lost is still loved. Your child is more than a biological connection

Some things in life just aren’t fair. Through no fault of you’re own. All things happen for a reason

Love doesn’t have to be biological
Difficult to imagine being torn apart from the people I love
Children need their parents, so angry
Standing up for what you believe is the righteous path for your children
Never give up on the truth of what love is to you
Always, always, fight for what you believe
Fight for what you love
Be careful with your heart
We drag desolation into fertile fields
Fight for what you want every second
Be prepared and plan ahead
Reunion is not restoration. Everything failed is carried
Hold on to what you have for one day it might be gone
There are many different ways that we can lose a loved one
Time is precious
No matter how perfect something seems, it may not last
Can’t forget your first love
Love can be deeper than blood
When you fight for the rights of others, don’t forget your own
Legal situations change people and most of the time they suck
Never give up
Time and space change everything
Don’t underestimate technicalities
Don’t ever think something can’t happen
Trust love, but don’t just trust love
Papers hold power
It wasn’t your time yet, and wow are you still teaching
Don’t close yourself off from those seeking comfort in you, for your own comfort

Be less selfish, always
It’s always bigger than me
Sometimes we need to allow the things we don’t understand to happen
Forgiveness = freedom
Always be more fearless than you believe you are capable of being
Well thought through, scary too
Triumphing over circumstances is to be able to speak of past hurts
Failure can be completely out of your control
Failure is not giving others the opportunity for closure
We are all resilient
Be sensitive to others, compassion
It is important to let the wall down, even though it can be frightening to be vulnerable

Even the people that hurt you should have a chance to make amends
Allow yourself to forgive
Always be open to forgiveness
Forgive even without forgetting
You are now free to let it all go
You always have the option to forgive
Don’t shut others out, you don’t know what they want, or what they need

Safety isn’t as safe as we hope
Be open to others, be open to other perspectives
Forgiveness is powerful, so is listening
Walls are failure
Our failures affect the lives of others and their healing
Wow, just wow
No matter the circumstances or tragedy, closure is valuable
You experienced one of my worst fears, I still don’t have words
Failures take many forms, all with singularity and none the same
Look beyond the safety nets you’ve built
Allow yourself to open up and let others correct their own failures
We all need closure
Closure, redefined
Give mercy
Even in the worst of situations, you have to open your mind and maybe your heart to the other side

Sometimes it’s not always about you
We must be selfless when we have the opportunity to be selfish
Seek to understand
Not knowing is not failure
Trying to protect yourself can leave you vulnerable
Forgive yourself and keep moving forward
It’s hard to see the pain others feel about a situation when you were the one victimized

Safety is often our illusion
Sometimes it is ok, to want to feel safe
See others, even in the midst of your own pain
Feeling safe is important too
Even the feeling of safety has its price
Don’t ever live with hate
The power of forgiveness is far greater than we know
It’s not always about your pain
When it’s hardest to listen is when you need to the most
Keep your heart open
Give others a chance, everyone isn’t trying to harm you
Tearing walls down starts from the inside.
If you don’t let anything in, you won’t be able to put anything out
Always accept help when it’s offered to you and always give people a chance to make things right

Trusting people is difficult
Don’t let terrible actions from some effect your view of others
Sometimes you have to step out of your safety zone in order to succeed
Forgiveness can do great things for the soul
Accept apologies
Forgive, yourself
Justice isn’t fair, but keep trusting that God is
Forgiveness heals
Failure is as often an act of omission as commission
Be your own team, recruit your own players
Don’t let your mind fail you when you haven’t let your body try
Get out of your own way
People I consider highly successful, suffer as I do
We perpetuate our situations and drive our own outcomes quite often as a way of protecting ourselves from failure

The strength to recognize is something many never achieve
Failure starts in the mind
We are not just one person
You are your best friend and greatest saboteur
Believe in yourself
Glory Days
Glass Ceiling
Woke up outside of a haze
Ever tried, ever failed, fail better, no matter what, keep on working to get better

Set the bar higher, and believe you can clear it
Thought provoking, real, hit home
If tragedy is around the corner, turn to meet it, and walk with it into your next success

If given the power failure can sabotage our future if we are not conscious

Don’t underestimate yourself
Believe you can do better
Expecting my own tragedy is the failure
Be proud of what you’ve done and strive for what you haven’t
Don’t let expectations guide you
We define our own failures
Don’t be afraid to put your different thoughts into the world
It’s never too late, the glass is always half full
How do I hold myself back?
Don’t stop pushing yourself
Recognize success, even as you strive for improvement in life and within yourself

Believe in self and if you fail dust yourself off and try again
Don’t let appearance get the best of you
Be who you really are, not what you think people see
Don’t let one aspect of your life dictate everything
Failure is all in your mind, get it out and live your success
Failures will follow you in unexpected ways, if you let them
Disprove your own narrative
Being open and honest about failure can create opportunities
Always have a positive outlook even when you fail
When we allow failure to define us, we limit our potential for success and happiness

Expecting failure is a defense mechanism that holds you back
You become your failures, they set your expectations
Living in one area of success can keep you from reaching your potential in others

Don’t be hard on yourself
Make a decision and stick with it in spite of circumstances
Believe in something bigger than yourself
Our mind and emotions create our paths, if you believe and feel failure is coming, then it is

Exposing yourself and your failures makes you learn to be human and deal with yourself and the world

Living up to society’s version of success does not equate to feeling successful

Gifts and talents are not a guarantee of success
Pick yourself up and don’t base life decisions on a game
Know your worth, play your part
Use your fame to your advantage as much as you can
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, you’ll always get the latter with that attitude

You might be your only road block to success
Hopelessness can become a habit, a habit that promotes failure
You don’t always get what you want in life, and you just have to accept it sometimes

Don’t be your own roadblock
The perpetuation of pessimism has very far reaching implications and consequences

Our perception of your yourself defines success or failure
Don’t let your past failure guide your expectations for future endeavors
Expect more even after failure, don’t let failure dictate your faith and your thoughts

Expect the best, prepare for the worst
Sometimes failure is just a matter of perception
Perceived success can be forever blinding
Be confident, be optimistic, stop dwelling on the past
Failure is a point of view
Don’t label yourself at your highest point, reach higher
Challenge yourself to fail better and win humbly
You are not a winner or a loser, you are you.
When you expect to fail, you probably will
Failure is not an option, it is a mindset
Make your own choices and don’t let someone else dictate your path
Self awareness is a wonderful thing
Past failures can lead to future failures
Aim higher and believe
We are our own worst enemy to achieving our true potential
Believing in yourself is a greater tool than talent or opportunity
Don’t let your mind be your own ceiling to your success
Always believe in yourself and your abilities
Learned helplessness is a limiting thing
Don’t be what you appear to be, you are better than that
Don’t limit yourself by your perception of yourself
Face your shit, embrace your shit
Don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams
Never stop trying to improve your relationship with your parents. They need and love you more than you know.”

Keep getting up and trying regardless of your failures
Put your heart where you head is
Don’t run from hardships. Face your challenges with the hope of learning something from them

Try things knowing that you will fail but knowing that you will be a stronger person b/c of it

Try, then try again
Take time to appreciate the things you love
Running away from your failure will get you nowhere
Love harder
Pause. East some food. Play catch. Love people
Fail everyday
Don’t let your small daily failures define you
Give hugs
Trying to change after your failures is what makes you a successful person

Get back up
You’re going to fail everyday but try to avoid failing the people you love
Failure will be an everyday obstacle that you have to overcome
Cherish what you have and work everyday to support the people you love
Stop living your life so much for yourself
When life gets hard, and it will, don’t run away
Be a better person everyday, not for yourself, but for those around you
Tell the people that you love, that you love them
Guilt drives a sense of fear that you aren’t doing what you need to do
Try to be the best, but don’t let it compromise the things that matter
Take moments to think about what it important to you
You have to ask yourself am I loving enough?
All you can do is simply try a little harder everyday
No matter what your passion is, you’re going to fail. And that’s ok
Don’t be ashamed of failing
Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying
Be the best person you can be and love people the best you can love them
You’re only a failure if you stop trying after failing instead of learning from it and changing

Running away often feels like the easiest way out, don’t
Don’t let your fears cripple you
You’re going to fail everyday, but you can also try again everyday
Even you’re most powerful role models have failed, have gone through suffering, and have cried. Don’t not try

Grown men cry. Successful grown men
Running from failure only serves to perpetuate failure
Remove your “screens” and embrace the people you love
People are what is important
Remember your family, always
Don’t let the failure of your past haunt your future
Running from failure will just keep you on a perpetual treadmill
Wherever you are, be all there
Humility gets you far
You are not always better than the opportunities presented to you
Slow down and enjoy your success